Genuine gift giving, with thoughtfulness & intent is at the centre of our business.

We want the gift giver & the recipient to have an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Strengthening relationships, loyalty, client referrals, & so much more.
Each of our boxes is personally created with care & attention to detail. Your cards are hand-written, & the boxes can be custom made to order. You will always get the personal touch from us.

We have moved away from the old school gift hamper; wrapped in cellophane with a bow, & filled with some pretty average products that sit in your pantry for a year or so.
Have you ever received one of these? It’s a pretty uninspiring gift experience.

You may choose the convenience of our range of pre-made gifts.
Or, we provide the service of fully customised gift boxes so you can create something unique.

We all live such busy lives. So many times we hear “I just don’t have the time!” You want to reach out and share some kindness, and make connections, but it can be so hard to actually make it happen.
This is where we step in. We do all the searching. Sourcing so many amazing local Australian products, & we put them all together for you in one luxurious package.
This allows you to make simple choices from the comfort of your own home, or office.
Supporting us, also means supporting numerous other Australian small business – it’s a win win!

About me, Amy.

Born in the UK, I’ve been a happy resident of Perth, Australia for almost 18 years.

I absolutely love giving gifts, & discovering all the fabulous products Western Australia & Australia has to offer.

I have always wanted the flexibility of having my own business, providing me the opportunity to do something that I loved, along with meeting all of my family commitments. Over a few vinos & long discussions, The Bower’s Nest was born.
If you have never heard of the Bowerbird, I strongly suggest you google the David Attenborough episode – they are amazing birds.

I have truly found great happiness running this small business, & supporting fellow Australian businesses. Getting to know their stories of blood, sweat & tears is always inspiring to me. The customers I deal with are also wonderful. People who are trying to spread a little love, gratitude & positivity. These are my kind of people.

I love working with businesses to provide thoughtful & luxurious gifts that stand out from the crowd.
I’ve been on the receiving end of some very average corporate gifts over the years, & am looking to save Australia from this doom, one gift at a time!

Say no to:

❌ Rushing around in a panic at the last minute.

❌ Spending valuable time & energy on gifting.

❌ Generic corporate gifts devoid of thought that don’t hit the mark.

❌ Quantity over quality

❌ Receiving average customer service

❌ Not supporting local business

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Say YES to:

Showcasing local artisans

Building lasting professional relationships

Sending gifts they will actually love

Making people feel valued

Spreading happiness across the country

Showing friends & family that you care, & are thinking of them

Enjoying your gift giving experience

Exceptional customer service

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